High Performance 12 week programmes

We believe that high performance is something that happens every day, not just at away days.

We believe, that for high performance to be relevant and have impact, you should be able to practise it every day in your actual conditions, not just theorise about it in a hotel somewhere.

We believe that working on your performance shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money.

So we’ve created three fab high performance programmes that:

  • You can get started within a week–no need to book venues, get loads of diaries co- ordinated or create lots of communications – we’ve done that for you
  • Are relevant and practical to be used as you do your jobs,using what you’re doing every day to get even better
  • Are accessible to everyone wherever they’re based and without the need to find a big budget
  • Are great value – 3×12 week comprehensive programmes created by the experts at K2, each one costing just £120.00 per person for up to 25 people.

The programmes are:
Individual Performance – getting the best out of you
High performing Teams – focusing on and getting the best out of your team
Performance Coaching – getting the best out of those around you

Each programme:

  • Kicks off with a launch webinar with a K2 high performance coach
  • Includes three monthly challenges
  • Includes two follow up and review webinars with a K2 high performance coach
  • Access to The Performance Room where you’ll have access to all the high performance resources you’ll need
  • Copies of “Perform” and “The Book of Rules” for everyone on the programme
  • Measurement of progress throughout so you can be confident it’s making the impact you need
  • Access to a K2 performance coach whenever you need it

Cost £120.00 per person for up to 25 people (10 people minimum).

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we’ll help you get going…

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