The Art of Performance  – Series 1 

In our world, performance is everything. The difference it makes inspires us(and those we work with) each and every day. We use what elite sportsmen and women know about performance to help people, teams and organizations do what they can do, but don’t.

This collection – a total of five seminal moments of elite sporting performance, each interpreted in an entirely original and compelling manner – is symbolic of what is possible when we’re prepared to look beyond convention, to challenge ourselves and embrace thoughts and behaviour that are outside of familiar territory.

Designed by Accept & Proceed for Planet K2.


The Art of Performance – Series 2

Following the success of the Art of Performance, we decided to carry on with the project and represent three more seminal moments in sporting history in similar fashion.

This collection features works of art based on legendary sporting events from elite athletes Dame Kelly Holmes, Mark Foster, and Jonathan Edwards.

Designed by Accept & Proceed for Planet K2.



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