How can one possibly forget that moment when Steve Redgrave secured his 5th and final Olympic Gold medal in Sydney in 2000?

A number of important factors will always have a bearing on a crew’s performance in a race and, for that matter, the eventual outcome of that race. Boat speed and stroke rate are crucial. But the distance generated by each stroke is also of vital importance. And it’s each of these three key influencing factors that have been represented in this work.

Reminiscent of rippling water, each of the three graphs reviews the performance of the three medial winning crews, with Great Britain in Gold, Italy depicted in silver and the Australian crew in bronze. And each line represents individual performance within each of the three crews.

So, whilst there’s no doubt that Italy finished fastest off the back of the highest stroke rate (the result being that they pushed Messrs. Redgrave, Pinsent, Cracknell and Foster to the absolute wire), Team GB were never anything other than first when it came to the distance generated by each stroke.

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