Certainly the longest Men’s Singles Final in Wimbledon’s illustrious history and arguably the greatest ever. This was the match that showed that Nadal really could call himself a master of all surfaces. It was also the match that brought Federer’s 60-match unbeaten sequence on grass to an end and meant that he wouldn’t be the first man since the 1880’s to win six consecutive Championships at the All England Club.

This work reminds us of the power and speed of that match. Taking our starting point from axonometric shapes of the tennis court, this complex but no less impressive graph breaks the match down into a series of fascinating statistics.

The percentage of successful first serves is shown on the first spike graph with Nadal winning 66% of first serve points but being eclipsed by Federer with 73%. Aces served and average serve speeds are also depicted, whilst the final graph shows that, at the end of 4 hours and 48 minutes of the most memorable tennis, Nadal had secured just five more points than his opponent – 209 in total against Federer’s 204. Several of the smaller graphs are hidden within the larger graphs.

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