The Art of Performance – Series 1

TIGER SECURES HIS 14TH MAJOR… EVENTUALLYTiger secures his 14th major… eventually

Having just recovered from knee surgery, Tiger Woods, in an extraordinary and unlikely victory managed to secure his 14th major title at the 2008 US Open.  Although in obvious pain, Woods beat his opponent Rocco Mediate on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff.

In a manner reminiscent of a golf hole, this infographic represents the results of each of the 5 rounds played on the 18 holes at Torrey Pines, and allows you to see how both players matched up against one another on the course.



MEN’S COXLESS 4 FINAL, SYDNEY 2000Men’s Coxless 4 final, Sydney 2000

Steve Redgrave winning his 5th Olympic gold medal at the Sydney games in 2000 will forever go down as a great moment in elite sporting history.

Boat speed, stroke rate, and the distance travelled per stroke are three of the main factors of a race which will ultimately determine the winner. Using these statistics from the Sydney 2000 finals, this infographic compares the high level of performance from the GB, Italian, and Australian teams, as well as each individual of the three crews.




Lewis Hamilton secures Maiden Grand Prix victory, Montreal, 2007

Lewis Hamilton’s first season in the top formula was no doubt an impressive one. At Montreal in 2007 he achieved his first Grand Prix win after only his 6th race as a Formula 1 driver.

This infographic shows the positions of each of the Formula 1 drivers throughout the duration of the race and marks Hamilton’s momentous achievement of Grand Prix glory.



PAULA RADCLIFFE SETS MARATHON WORLD RECORD; London, 2003Paula Radcliffe sets marathon world record; London, 2003

It’s one thing to win a Marathon while defending your title, but to do it and set a woman’s world record time is remarkable. Paula Radcliffe’s record setting run at the 2003 London Marathon remains one of the most impressive performances in long-distance running today. A testament to this being that her record still stands!

Using concentric circles, this piece highlights Radcliffe’s progression throughout the route and marks the increase and decrease in her speed, along with the official 5-mile split times.



RAFAEL NADAL CLAIMS WIMBLEDON MEN’S SINGLES TITLE, 2008Rafael Nadal claims Wimbledon men’s singles title, 2008

The Men’s Singles Final of Wimbledon 2008 brought legendary rivals Nadal and Federer face to face in an almost 5 hour long match. Rain breaks extended the longest Wimbledon final ever even further, so that Nadal ended up defeating five-time defending champion Federer in near-darkness.

Nadal’s score was just five points more than his opponent’s – a total of 209 points against 205 for Federer. This infographic expresses the trial of strength and skill that the match was for both rivals, focusing on first serve points and serve speeds.


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